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Appendix A: Case Studies
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To help answer questions about how Django works in the real world, we spoke
with (well, emailed) a handful of people who have complete, deployed Django
sites under their belts. Most of this appendix is in their words, which have
been lightly edited for clarity.
为了回答 Django 在现实中究竟表现如何,我们跟很多人交谈过(包括 email 方式),这些人都已经在他们的地盘上完成,部署过 Django 站点。本附录主要是他们的言辞,当然为了表述更清晰也略作了一些编辑。
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Cast of Characters
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Lets meet our cast and their projects.
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    *Ned Batchelder* is the lead engineer at Tabblo started life as
    a storytelling tool built around photo sharing, but it was recently bought
    by Hewlett-Packard for more wide-reaching purposes:
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    HP saw real value in our style of web development, and in the way we
    bridged the virtual and physical worlds. They acquired us so that we could
    bring that technology to other sites on the Web. is still a
    great storytelling site, but now we are also working to componentize and
    rehost the most interesting pieces of our technology.
    我们的web开发风格,以及我们连接虚拟世界与物理世界的方式,让HP看到了真正的价值,他们收购了我们,让我们可以将技术带给web上的其他站点。 Tabblo.com依然是一个伟大的故事讲述站点,同时,我们也忙于将我们最有趣的技术模块化并更换主机。
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    *Johannes Beigel* is a lead developer at Brainbot Technologies AG.
    Brainbots major public-facing Django site is ``_,
    where you can order printed versions of Wikipedia articles. Johanness team
    is currently working on an enterprise-class knowledge-management program
    known as Brainfiler.
    *Johannes Beigel* 是Brainbot Technologies AG的开发主管,Brainbots 面向公众的主要Django站点是 ``_, 你可以从那里订购维基百科的打印版。Johannes的团队目前正致力于一个称为Brainfiler的企业级知识管理软件。
5725天前 翻译
    Johannes tells us that Brainfiler
    Johannes 告诉我们,Brainfiler
5482天前 翻译
    [] is a software solution to manage, search for, categorize, and share
    information from distributed information sources. Its built for enterprise
    usage for both the intranet and the Internet and is highly scalable and
    customizable. The development of the core concepts and components started
    in 2001. Just recently we have redesigned/reimplemented the application
    server and Web front-end, which is [now] based on Django.
tp3sYj  <a href="">ijlsmchjrqqb</a>, [url=]wwolzjfopsxb[/url], [link=]ehluzfideanl[/link],
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    *David Cramer* is the lead developer at Curse, Inc. He develops,
    a gaming site devoted to massively multiplayer online games like World of
    Warcraft, Ultima Online, and others.
    *David Cramer* 是Curse的开发主管,他开发了,一个致力于大型多人在线游戏(例如魔兽世界,网络创世纪等)的站点。
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10#翻译 is one of the largest deployed Django sites on the Internet:
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    We do roughly 60-90 million page views in an average month, and we have
    peaked at over 130 million page views [in a month] using Django. We are a
    very dynamic and user-centric Web site for online gamers, specifically
    massively multiplayer games, and are one of the largest Web sites globally
    for World of Warcraft. Our Web site was established in early 2005, and
    since late 2006 we have been expanding our reach into games beyond World of
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    *Christian Hammond* is a senior engineer at VMware (a leading developer of
    virtualization software). Hes also the lead developer of Review Board
    (``_), a Web-based code review system. Review
    Board began life as an internal VMware project, but is now open source:
    *Christian Hammond* VMware (虚拟化软件的领头羊)的高级工程师,同时他也是Review Board(``_)的开发主管,Review Board是一个基于web的代码走查系统,它起源于VMware的一个内部项目,现在成了一个开源项目:
5724天前 翻译
    In late 2006, David Trowbridge and I were discussing the process we used at
    VMware for handling code reviews. Before people committed code to the
    source repository, they were supposed to send out a diff of the change to a
    mailing list and get it reviewed. It was all handled over email, and as
    such, it became hard to keep track of reviews requiring your attention. We
    began to discuss potential solutions for this problem.
    2006年底,David Trowbridge和我讨论了在VMware使用的代码走查流程,在将代码提交到源代码仓库之前,程序员要将改动的部分用邮件发出来让其他人审阅。在这个基于邮件的流程中,想跟踪某个感兴趣的代码走查就比较困难。因此,我们开始讨论这个问题的解决方案。
5724天前 翻译
    Rather than writing down my ideas, I put them into code. Before long,
    Review Board was born. Review Board helps developers, contributors, and
    reviewers to keep track of the code thats out for review and to better
    communicate with each other. Rather than vaguely referencing some part of
    the code in an email, the reviewer is able to comment directly on the code.
    The code, along with the comments, will then appear in the review, giving
    the developer enough context to work with to quickly make the necessary
    我并没有把想法写出来,而是直接开始编码。不久,Review Board诞生了,它可以帮助开发人员、代码审阅者及相关责任人方便地跟踪代码走查与更好的沟通。使用者可以直接在代码上做评注,而不是像原来那样在邮件中用文字模糊的指代某部分代码。代码与评注一起展现在系统中,开发者可以根据这些评注方便地对代码做出修改。
5724天前 翻译
    Review Board grew quickly at VMware. Much faster than expected, actually.
    Within a few short weeks, we had ten teams using Review Board. However,
    this project is not internal to VMware. It was decided day one that this
    should be open source and be made available for any company or project to
    在VMware,Review Board的蔓延快得超乎想象,在短短几周内,已经有十来个团队使用它了。现在,这个项目已经不再局限于VMware内部了,我们希望有一天它可以走向开源,让更多的公司与项目使用它。 
5724天前 翻译
    We made an open source announcement and put a site together, which is
    available at ``_. The response to our public
    announcement was as impressive as our internal VMware announcement. Before
    long, our demo server reached over 600 users, and people began to
    contribute back to the project.
A0KWvQ  <a href="">qllnukhkitqa</a>, [url=]gexrhzhjvsab[/url], [link=]kvpuwdrwoxgo[/link],
4504天前 翻译
    Review Board isnt the only code review tool on the market, but it is the
    first we have seen that is open source and has the extensive feature set
    weve worked to build into it. We hope this will in time benefit many open
    source and commercial projects.
wimLHQ  <a href="">xgclqztduggh</a>, [url=]mpirlevloyjq[/url], [link=]irrgjspblhth[/link],
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Why Django?
5725天前 翻译
We asked each developer why he decided to use Django, what other options were
considered, and how the decision to use Django was ultimately made.
5725天前 翻译
*Ned Batchelder* :
Ned Batchelder說: 
5452天前 翻译
Before I joined Tabblo, Antonio Rodriguez (Tabblos founder/CTO) did an
evaluation of Rails and Django, and found that both provided a great
quick-out-of-the-blocks rapid development environment. In comparing the two, he
found that Django had a greater technical depth that would make it easier to
build a robust, scalable site. Also, Djangos Python foundation meant that wed
have all the richness of the Python ecosystem to support our work. This has
definitely been proven out as weve built Tabblo.
在我加入 Tabblo 之前, Antonio Rodriguez (Tabblos 的创建者与 CTO) 对
Rails 和 Django 做了个测评, 发现两者都可以提供非常高效的快速构建环境。在两者的对比中,他发现,Django 更有技术含量,可以更容易的构建强壮的、可扩展的站点。另外,Python完善的生态系统使得Django具有强有力的社区支持。Tobblo的开发充分证明了以上观点。 
5723天前 翻译
*Johannes Beigel* :
Johannes Beigel說:
5452天前 翻译
As we have been coding in Python for many years now, and quickly started using
the Twisted framework, Nevow was the most natural solution for our Web
application stuff. But we soon realized that despite the perfect Twisted
integration many things were getting a little cumbersome and got in the way of
our agile development process.
我们使用Python编码已经很多年了,不久我们开始使用Twisted框架,web方面自然就使用了Nevow. 然而很快,我们发现尽管Twisted提供了完美的集成,很多东西还是会略显笨重,它给我们灵活的开发流程造成了阻碍。
5723天前 翻译
After some Internet research it quickly became clear that Django was the most
promising Web development framework for our requirements.
5723天前 翻译
The trigger that led us to Django was its template syntax, but we soon
appreciated all the other features that are included, and so Django was pretty
much a fast-selling item.
5723天前 翻译
After doing a few years of parallel development and deployment (Nevow is still
in use for some projects on customer sites), we came to the conclusion that
Django is a lot less cumbersome, results in code that is much better to
maintain, and is more fun to work with.
5723天前 翻译
*David Cramer* :
David Cramer 說:
5452天前 翻译
I heard about Django in the summer of 2006, about the time we were getting
ready to do an overhaul of Curse, and we did some research on it. We were all
very impressed at what it could do, and where it could save time for us. We
talked it over, decided on Django, and began writing the third revision to the
Web site almost immediately.
5723天前 翻译
*Christian Hammond* :
Christian Hammond說:
5452天前 翻译
I had toyed around with Django on a couple of small projects and had been very
impressed with it. Its based on Python, which I had become a big fan of, and it
made it easy not only to develop Web sites and Web apps, but also to keep them
organized and maintainable. This was always tricky in PHP and Perl. Based on
past experiences, going with Django was a no-brainer.
5723天前 翻译
Getting Started
5722天前 翻译
Since Djangos a relatively new tool, there arent that many experienced Django
developers out there. We asked our panel how they got their team up to speed on
Django and for any tips they wanted to share with new Django developers.
5723天前 翻译
*Johannes Beigel* :
Johannes Beigel說道:
5452天前 翻译
After coding mostly in C++ and Perl, we switched to Python and continued using
C++ for the computationally intensive code.
5723天前 翻译
[We learned Django by] working through the tutorial, browsing the documentation
to get an idea of whats possible (its easy to miss many features by just doing
the tutorial), and trying to understand the basic concepts behind middleware,
request objects, database models, template tags, custom filters, forms,
authorization, localization Then [we could] take a deeper look at those topics
when [we] actually needed them.
我们是这样学习Django的:照着教程做练习,阅读文档了解它都能做什么(只跟着教程做容易漏掉很多特性),努力去理解这些组件背后的基本概念,如middleware,request objects, database models, template tags, custom filters, forms,authorization, localization。在真正需要的时候,我们会去深入研究这些主题。
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*David Cramer* :
David Cramer談到:
5452天前 翻译
The Web site documentation is great. Stick with it.
5723天前 翻译
*Christian Hammond* :
Christian Hammond談到:
5452天前 翻译
David and I both had prior experience with Django, though it was limited. We
had learned a lot through our development of Review Board. I would advise new
users to read through the well-written Django documentation and [the book youre
reading now], both of which have been invaluable to us.
5722天前 翻译
We didnt have to bribe Christian to get that quote promise!
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Porting Existing Code
qVPiIP  <a href="">yttqrkvgoiin</a>, [url=]kxzaeecicatj[/url], [link=]hmnrgnjhuqmo[/link],
4513天前 翻译
Although Review Board and Tabblo were ground-up development, the other sites
were ported from existing code. We were interested in hearing how that process
虽然 Review Board 和 Tabblo 是白手起家开发起来的,其他的网站却是从现有代码移植而来。我们感兴趣的是了解这个移植的过程。
5687天前 翻译
*Johannes Beigel* :
*Johannes Beigel* :
5687天前 翻译
We started to port the site from Nevow, but we soon realized that wed like to
change so many conceptual things (both in the UI part and in the application
server part) that we started from scratch and used the former code merely as a
我们开始的时候从 Nevow 移植站点,但很快意识到必须更新太多概念性事物(包括在 UI 部分和应用服务器部分),因此我们转而从零开始,而将之前的代码主要用作参考。
5687天前 翻译
*David Cramer* :
*David Cramer* :
5687天前 翻译
The previous site was written in PHP. Going from PHP to Python was great
programmatically. The only downfall is you have to be a lot more careful with
memory management [since Django processes stay around a lot longer than PHP
processes (which are single cycle)].
之前的站点用 PHP 编写而成。从 PHP 到 Python 的移植工作非常程式化。唯一的问题是你必须非常小心内存管理问题【由于 Django 进程运行时间比 PHP 进程(单循环)要长得多。】
5687天前 翻译
How Did It Go?
5722天前 翻译
Now for the million-dollar question: How did Django treat you? We were
especially interested in hearing where Django fell down its important to know
where your tools are weak *before* you run into roadblocks.
下面是一个关键问题:Django 是如何对待你的?我们对听见 Django 出错特别感兴趣——在撞南墙 *之前* 就知道所用工具的弱点所在是很重要的。
5687天前 翻译
*Ned Batchelder* :
*Ned Batchelder* :
5687天前 翻译
Django has really enabled us to experiment with our Web sites functionality.
Both as a startup heat-seeking customers and businesses, and now as a part of
HP working with a number of partners, weve had to be very nimble when it comes
to adapting the software to new demands. The separation of functionality into
models, views, and controllers has given us modularity so we can appropriately
choose where to extend and modify. The underlying Python environment gives us
the opportunity to make use of existing libraries to solve problems without
reinventing the wheel. PIL, PDFlib, ZSI, JSmin, and BeautifulSoup are just a
handful of the libraries weve pulled in to do some heavy lifting for us.
作为热点用户,企业 ,现在作为hp的合作伙伴,
而基于python的语言给了用户机会使用大量的已有库来解决 问题不必重复造轮子
感谢 PIL, PDFlib, ZSI, JSmin,
 and BeautifulSoup 
2612天前 xhrxqakkjjk 翻译
The most difficult part of our Django use has been the relationship of memory
objects to database objects, in a few ways. First, Djangos ORM does not ensure
that two references to the same database record are the same Python object, so
you can get into situations where two parts of the code are both trying to
modify the same record, and one of the copies is stale. Second, the Django
development model encourages you to base your data objects on database objects.
Weve found over time more and more uses for data objects that are not tied to
the database, and weve had to migrate away from assuming that data is stored in
the database.
内存对象和数据库对象之间的关系是, in a few ways,Django 的使用中最难的部分。第一,Django的ORM并不能保证,对同一个数据库记录的两此引用是来自同一个Python对象,所以你可能会遇到这种情况:代码中的两个部分要修改同一数据库记录,而其中一个的数据是旧的。第二,Django 开发模型鼓励你在数据库对象的基础上建立你的数据对象。我们会发现更频繁的超时,更多地使用那些没有对应到数据库的数据对象,我们只好不再假定数据是保存在数据库里的。
5656天前 翻译
For a large, long-lived code base, it definitely makes sense to spend time up
front anticipating the ways your data will be stored and accessed, and building
some infrastructure to support those ways.
对于一个有大量的、生命周期很长的代码库,花时间来anticipating你的数据存储和访问是有非常意义的。nd building
some infrastructure to support those ways.
5481天前 翻译
Weve also added our own database migration facility so that developers dont
have to apply SQL patches to keep their database schemas current. Developers
who change the schema write a Python function to update the database, and these
are applied automatically when the server is started.
4977天前 翻译
*Johannes Beigel* :
Johannes Beigel談到:
5452天前 翻译
We consider Django as a very successful platform that perfectly fits in the
Pythonic way of thinking. Almost everything just worked as intended.
5481天前 翻译
One thing that needed a bit of work in our current project was tweaking the
global ```` file and directory structure/configuration (for apps,
templates, locale data, etc.), because we implemented a highly modular and
configurable system, where all Django views are actually methods of some class
instances. But with the omnipotence of dynamic Python code, that was still
在我们的项目中一个需要花点时间来做的事情是调节全局 settings.py文件和目录或配置(为apps程序,templates模板,locale data本地化设置,或者其他的文件。)因为我们在部署一个高度模块化和可配置系统,项目中所有Django视图是类实例化的方法 But with the omnipotence of dynamic Python code, that was still
5481天前 翻译
*David Cramer* :
aUTmui  <a href="">kygcxffhbqdp</a>, [url=]qphaudolykxk[/url], [link=]xwbahlmcsnmk[/link],
4504天前 翻译
We managed to push out large database applications in a weekend. This would
have taken one to two weeks to do on the previous Web site, in PHP. Django has
shined exactly where we wanted it to.
5482天前 翻译
Now, while Django is a great platform, it cant go without saying that its not
built specific to everyones needs. Upon the initial launch of the Django Web
site, we had our highest traffic month of the year, and we werent able to keep
up. Over the next few months we tweaked bits and pieces, mostly hardware and
the software serving Django requests. [This included modification of our]
hardware configuration, optimization of Django, [and tuning] the software we
were using to serve the requests (which, at the time, was lighttpd and
x1JL2r  <a href="">bjzzhfulbyfy</a>, [url=]kljpyuunfsar[/url], [link=]vptdhtnlmjvp[/link],
4512天前 uatbjy 翻译
In May of 2007, Blizzard (the creators of World of Warcraft) released another
quite large patch, as they had done in December when we first launched Django.
The first thing going through our heads was, Hey, we nearly held up in
December, this is nowhere near as big, we should be fine. We lasted about 12
hours before the servers started to feel the heat. The question was raised
again: was Django really the best solution for what we want to accomplish?
5481天前 翻译
Thanks to a lot of great support from the community, and a late night, we
managed to implement several hot-fixes to the Web site during those few days.
The changes (which hopefully have been rolled back into Django by the time this
book is released) managed to completely reassure everyone that while not
everyone needs to be able to do 300 Web requests per second, the people who do,
can, with Django.
感谢来自社区的很多强大的支持,在几天后的一个深夜,我们为网站部署了一些修复补丁。The changes (which hopefully have been rolled back into Django by the time this
book is released) managed to completely reassure everyone that while not
everyone needs to be able to do 300 Web requests per second, the people who do,
can, with Django.
5481天前 翻译
*Christian Hammond* :
Christian Hammond提及:
5452天前 翻译
Django allowed us to build Review Board fairly quickly by forcing us to stay
organized through its URL, view, and template separations, and by providing
useful built-in components, such as the authentication app, built-in caching,
and the database abstraction. Most of this has worked really well for us.
5452天前 翻译
Being a dynamic [Web application], weve had to write a lot of JavaScript code.
This is an area that Django hasnt really helped us with so far. Djangos
templates, template tags, filters, and forms support are great, but arent
easily usable from JavaScript code. There are times when we would want to use a
particular template or filter but had no way of using it from JavaScript. I
would personally like to see some creative solutions for this incorporated into
做為一個動態[網站應用程式],我們必須寫一堆JavaScript 代碼。這是個Django 沒法實際上幫我們很多忙的部分。Django 的樣板,樣板的標籤,過濾器,表單的支持都是超棒的,但是沒有辦法簡化JavaScript 代碼。當我們想要使用一個特別的樣板或是過濾器的時候,偏偏沒法同時使用JavaScript 代碼。我個人將會樂於看見一些有創意的解法將這部分含入JavaScript 代碼。
5452天前 翻译
Team Structure
5722天前 翻译
Often successful projects are made so by their teams, not their choice of
technology. We asked our panel how their teams work, and what tools and
techniques they use to stay on track.
5452天前 翻译
*Ned Batchelder* :
Ned Batchelder說:
5452天前 翻译
Were a pretty standard Web startup environment: Trac/SVN, five developers. We
have a staging server, a production server, an ad hoc deploy script, and so on.
一個非常標準的網頁開創環境:Trac/SVN,良好的程式員。我們有一個測式主機,一個產品主機,一個ad hoc發布指令稿。就這些。
5452天前 翻译
Memcached rocks.
5452天前 翻译
*Johannes Beigel* :
Johannes Beigel說:
5452天前 翻译
We use Trac as our bug tracker and wiki and have recently switched from using
Subversion+SVK to Mercurial (a Python-written distributed version- control
system that handles branching/merging like a charm).
翻译 3890天前 翻译
I think we have a very agile development process, but we do not follow a rigid
methodology like Extreme Programming ([though] we borrow many ideas from it).
We are more like Pragmatic Programmers.
5452天前 翻译
We have an automated build system (customized but based on SCons) and unit
tests for almost everything.
5656天前 翻译
*David Cramer* :
David Cramer論及:
5452天前 翻译
Our team consists of four Web developers, all working in the same office space,
so its quite easy to communicate. We rely on common tools such as SVN and Trac.
5482天前 翻译
*Christian Hammond* :
Christian Hammond述道:
5452天前 翻译
Review Board currently has two main developers (myself and David Trowbridge)
and a couple of contributors. Were hosted on Google Code and make use of their
Subversion repository, issue tracker, and wiki. We actually use Review Board to
review our changes before they go in. We test on our local computers, both by
hand and through unit tests. Our users at VMware who use Review Board every day
provide a lot of useful feedback and bug reports, which we try to incorporate
into the program.
復習板實際上有兩個主要開發者(我和David Trowbridge)和一堆貢獻者。我們將站點放在Google Code 利用他們的Subversion源碼倉庫,事件追蹤器,和維基。我們實際上使用復習版是要復習我們的改變。我們先在自己的本地主機測試,也有手動和單元測試。我們的使用者在VMware上每天用Review Board提供一堆有用的回饋和臭蟲報告,讓我們可以試著這些成果整合進來。
4641天前 翻译
jOEx6u  <a href="">wdvyaxaohnin</a>, [url=]scjqbwipafoe[/url], [link=]hizygvuirqpt[/link],
4504天前 翻译
The Django developers take ease of deployment and scaling very seriously, so
were always interested in hearing about real-world trials and tribulations.
5482天前 翻译
*Ned Batchelder* :
Ned Batchelder提及:
5452天前 翻译
Weve used caching both at the query and response layers to speed response time.
We have a classic configuration: a multiplexer, many app servers, one database
server. This has worked well for us, because we can use caching at the app
server to avoid database access, and then add app servers as needed to handle
the volume.
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*Johannes Beigel* :
Johannes Beigel言及:
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Linux servers, preferably Debian, with many gigs of RAM. Lighttpd as the Web
server, Pound as the HTTPS front-end and load balancer if needed, and Memcached
for caching. SQLite for small databases, Postgres if data grows larger, and
highly specialized custom database stuff for our search and knowledge
management components.
Linux主機,尤其是偏好Debian,搭載很多的(gigs)記憶,Lighttpd當作網站伺服器,Pound 當作HTTPS 前端和負載平衡器,假如需要的話,而Memcached當做快取。SQLite 用做小型的資料庫,假如資料量成長太快就用 Postgres ,高度的規格化客製資料庫是我們的尋找和知識管理的元件。
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*David Cramer* :
David Cramer提及:
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Our structure is still up for debate [but this is whats current]:
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When a user requests the site they are sent to a cluster of Squid servers using
lighttpd. There, servers then check if the user is logged in. If not, theyre
served a cached page. A logged-in user is forwarded to a cluster of Web servers
running apache2 plus mod_python (each with a large amount of memory), which
then each rely on a distributed Memcached system and a beastly MySQL database
server. Static content is hosted on a cluster of lighttpd servers. Media, such
as large files and videos, are hosted (currently) on a server using a minimal
Django install using lighttpd plus fastcgi. As of right now were moving toward
pushing all media to a service similar to Amazons S3.
當一個使用者要求這個網站,它們會被傳送到Squid (使用lighttpd)的叢集主機。在那裏,主機會檢查是否使用已經登入。假如不是,他們會招待一個快取頁面。一個已登入的使用者會被引導到一個網站主機(跑著lighttpd加上mod_python(每一個都擁有大量的記憶體))構成的叢集,依靠者分散式的Memcached系統和超強的MySQL 資料庫主機。靜態的內容是存放在由lighttpd 組成的叢集。多媒體,如大的影音檔,通常是放在用超小的Django 加上lighttpd 和 fastcgi。現在這些都移往,推向所有多某體到一個服務,類似Amazons S3。
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*Christian Hammond* :
Christian Hammond
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There are two main production servers right now. One is at VMware and consists
of an Ubuntu virtual machine running on VMware ESX. We use MySQL for the
database, Memcached for our caching back-end, and currently Apache for the Web
server. We have several powerful servers that we can scale across when we need
to. We may find ourselves moving MySQL or Memcached to another virtual machine
as our user base increases.
这里现在有两个主要的产品级服务器。一个是运行在VMware里,包括了一个运行在VMware ESX里的Ubuntu虚拟机。我们使用MySQL作为数据库,Memcached作为后端缓存,和流行的Apache作为Web服务器。我们有一些在我们需要的时候能够有助于我们扩大规模的强劲服务器。当我们的用户增多的时候,我们可以把MySQ或者Memcached移到其他的虚拟机上。
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The second production server is the one for Review Board itself. The setup is
nearly identical to the one at VMware, except the virtual machine is being
hosted on VMware Server.
第二个生产服务器就是用于Review Board的那个。它的设置和虚拟机里面的那个是完全一样的,唯一差别就是虚拟机是运行在VMware服务器上的。 
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